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The Magic Limerick

Der Limerick ist eine leider fast schon vergessene, verlässlich stimmungshebende Reimform irischen Urprungs, und ich habe mir mal die Mühe gemacht, daraus einen ganzen Song zu texten. Ich glaube, es ist der einzige seiner Art (Ich habe jedenfalls keinen anderen ergoogeln können.) Den Text muss man scrollen. Viel Spaß damit...


It was a grayish summer morning in my hometown.
I felt a bit low and was annoyed and slouched around.
And at a time, all of a sudden,
as if someone'd pressed a button,
skies darkened and a pelting rain came down.

So I took shelter under a big sycamore tree
and pretty much run-down bloke stood next to me
and being already sopping wet
he started whistling - fancy that
and out came this quaint li'l melody:


At first I somehow felt a litte out of place
and I backed to steps away, just in in case.
'Cause in his rags he appeared
somewhat fishy, somehow weird,
but then I took a closer look on his face.

I could see laughter lines playing aobut his eyes
and his bushy brows made him look knowing, yes, even wise.
Then he stepped out into the rain
turned back towards me again
and gave me this freshening surprise:

Whatever saddens you, son, he said, you don't need to say
I know some magic that can easily charm it away.
Brace your hands on your hips,
stand at ease, purse your lips
and whistle! Just do it in play.


I thought to myself: What a stupid plot.
But after thinking twice I thought: Well - why not?
So I joined in and I swear
as true as I'm standing here:
All that grieved me would vanish on the spot.

I looked around and couldn't believe it, it blew my mind.
The whole place was crowded with people of every kind.
And whether man, woman or child –
everybody around me smiled
and even the sun up in the sky was back and shined.

So listen well! It's not a joke, I'm telling true.
And whether you believe (it) is up to you.
But if you keep this tune in mind
on occasion you will find
the magic that it hides and what it can do.